Getting Ready for CSE Mains Personality Test

The civil service examination(CSE) in india gives a immence of importance to the personality test. The interview  is conducted in Delhi at the UPSC office under various boards.

  • CSE Interview is not a very structured session. Rather, it follows a natural path of interaction with light moments coming from the members from time to time.
  •  The candidates are expected to be as much realistic as possible while answering. But at the same time the candidate should present their ability to relate theoretical principles with the real situations.
  • Interview etiquette should be maintained. One should be honest, polite, convincing and modest. The candidate’s focus on the issue on which he/she has been asked is immensely given importance. So, arrogance, rigidity, flicking round the issue should be avoided.

Who is Qualified for Personality Test

  • One who get more than qualifying marks in CSE mains written test.
  • Candidates about double the number of vacancies are selected through the mains and appear for the CSE exam Personality Test.

Mains form (Plays most important role )

  • The personality test preparation stars right from the time when the mains application form is filled by you.
  • Be Extremely careful   while filling the mains form
  • Any blunder committed by you will be a trigger point for the interviewers.
  • If you are not aware of something consult the experienced person before filling any wrong information.
  • Avoid bad habit to add unwanted data, in order to create wrong (In your view great) impression on panel.

While filling Mains form:

  • Take great care .If possible take help of seniors, resource person or successful candidates.
  • Get clarity on everything mentioned in the form. Don’t follow your judgement.
  • Strictly avoid spelling mistake.
  • Write neatly and precisely.
  •   keep photocopy(Xerox copy) of the mains form you have sent to the UPSC.

Some tips:

  • Always keep photocopy of Mains form with you and keep framing different question and think about answers yourself.
  • Keep detailed knowledge of your bio-data.
  • Be aware of current events happening around you.




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