About Us

We are an ethos who believe in the thought “Be the change you wish to see in the world“. We want to redefine the way of learning. The resistance to improve contradicts the noblest instincts of the human race. So, let’s overcome this by a change in our attitude. We believe that, revolution of your dream to change the fate of India is not only yours, but ours too.

We are on the way to fulfill above aspiration. We are here to change something and to build a new model of learning which gives enormous emphasis on efficient time utilization of users. We are committed to give you return on every second you spent at “IAS Mentor” application.

We are organizing the content in order to deliver you one stop solution to all your problems regarding content management and organization. We have anticipated the change in the way of preparing for “Civil Services examination” from traditional way to technology driven era. This application is for all IAS aspirants ranging form, who are about to start till who have already achieved it. Ours logic is simple, to make you learn from IAS Mentor if you are on the journey to become a civil servant or if you have already reached your destination then share your insight with others here.  We also wish to provide inclusive and level playing field for CSE toppers to share their insight.

So, let’s begin and march towards the new era of learning with “IAS MENTOR”. We want to act as your conscience keeper throughout your journey rather than merely playing the role of content provider for your study.