Why This App

It’s obvious question in your mind Why this app? How it is helpful for me.

1.Canvas of content

No matter which budding stage you are in while preparing for civil service examination(CSE), this app is helpful for each type of CSE aspirants ranging from stranger  till those who have cleared the CSE.

2.Technical marvel

We have crafted “IAS Mentors” by taking ample amount of care for user’s convenience. We have given huge emphasis on end user experience. Also we have kept pleasing  aesthetic sense in IAS Mentor application.

3.Platform for CSE toppers

We are also providing the place for CSE toppers   to share their wisdom. In our app, we have included Interviews, Blogs, Videos and notes and yet many more to come. IAS Mentor will surely emerge as a bridge to communicate between achievers and aspirants.


4.Motivation to keep you going

Preparing for CSE is a long journey and we don’t want you to give up. So we are providing all great stuffs which will help you to keep going in your journey.We have provided ample amount of material in Motivation section.